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Sơ Emmanuelle

Sơ Emmanuelle

Tên khác: Sister Emanuelle
Rating 8.0
Status: completed Năm phát hành: 1977 Thời lượng: 92 Phút Quốc gia: Ý Định dạng: Phim lẻ Số tập: 1 Đạo diễn: Giuseppe Vari Diễn viên: Laura Gemser, Mónica Zanchi, Gabriele Tinti, Rik Battaglia, Pia Velsi, Patrizia Sacchi, Dirce Funari, Vinja Locatelli, Mario De Vico Chất lượng: HD Vietsub
Emanuelle has renounced her life of lust to become a cloistered nun. But when she is assigned to a remote convent school for wayward girls, this delectable Bride Of Christ will face temptations that include a teenage nymphomaniac, a horny escaped criminal, and a class fill of curious virgins eager to experience sins of the flesh. Can Emanuelle resist the erotic pleasures of her past, or will she break her vows and surrender to the ultimate orgy of unholy desire?

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