Thiếu Niên Babylon
Thiếu Niên Babylon
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Thiếu Niên Babylon

Tên khác: Young Babylon
Status: completed Năm phát hành: 2024 Thời lượng: 39 phút/tập Quốc gia: Trung Quốc Định dạng: Phim bộ Số tập: 26 Đạo diễn: Diễn viên: Hou Minghao, Yang Caiyu, Xiang Hanzhi, Fei Qiming, Zhang Teng, Chen Yige, Sui Yuan, Zhang Song Chất lượng: HD Vietsub
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Thông tin phim Thiếu Niên Babylon

Knowing nothing more than the working-class life he is born into, headstrong Lu Xiaolu reluctantly starts down the path he is expected to follow. At age nineteen in 1990s China, he feels pressure to follow suit with those around him and takes a job at the town’s saccharin factory. Slowly, he adjusts to the bureaucratic factory routine, making the best of the situation by bonding with coworkers, flirting with girls, and refusing to give in completely to the expectations of those around him. As Lu Xiaolu finds his way, a startling portrait of an economically expanding China comes into view; the propaganda of a common goal gives way to a bottom-line system that he sees as indifferent to individual happiness. But thanks to the relationships he develops, Lu Xiaolu decides to fight for the life he wants.

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