Phượng Lạc Giang Hồ
Phượng Lạc Giang Hồ
Rating 8.0
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Phượng Lạc Giang Hồ

Tên khác: Phoenix Lands in the World
Status: completed Năm phát hành: 2024 Thời lượng: 15 phút/tập Quốc gia: Trung Quốc Định dạng: Phim bộ Số tập: 24 Đạo diễn: Diễn viên: Ke Ying, 鄧超元, 李佳乐, Cao Xingyu Chất lượng: HD Vietsub
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Thông tin phim Phượng Lạc Giang Hồ

Meng Xiaotang (played by Ke Ying), an author who skyrocketed to online fame through her derivative works, encounters a nostalgic client who offers her a lot of money, demanding she rediscover her original passion for writing wuxia novels. The client wants her to revise her melodramatic story "The Tale of Nan Xi," which portrays a female antagonist who forsakes love for power. For the sake of money, Meng Xiaotang arbitrarily alters the plot, angering the online literature system. She unexpectedly finds herself transported to a wuxia world where the story has been completely altered, becoming the villainous femme fatale Feng Nanxi, who is hunted by everyone in the martial arts world. Although she possesses the invincible Xiyun Technique, she is unable to use it. While fleeing for her life, Feng Nanxi encounters the dashing scammer Shen Yu (played by Deng Chaoyuan), discovering that she is inexplicably bound to him. To use her Xiyun Technique, Feng Nanxi must rely on Shen Yu.

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